SA-4280F 12V AeroSeat Cooling Ventilated Seat Cushion, Air Flow Car Seat Fan Cushion


– Best cooling solution for intense summer driving; airflow mechanism absorb body.

heat quicker, reduce perspiration and maintain ultimate air circulation.

-Small air vents preventing skin stickiness for the thighs and legs; while 7 larger air vents provide air circulation for back.

– Optional fitting at backrest of either vertical or horizontal strap to firmly affix to the car seat. Vertical fitting at rear side of the car seat while horizontal fitting one strap under the head rest and the second strap at lower end of backrest.

– Additional fitting for seat cushion under seat by using metal and plastic hooks.

– All fitting possible at driver seat and co-driver seat.

-Suitable for car seats with side airbags.

– Refined 12V car premium cigarette plug with 3 point airflow HIGH-OFF-LOW speed control switch and LED power indicator to minimize loose connection in the long run.

– Low noise internal fan for ultra -cooling and refreshing air, preventing sweaty skin stickiness for the thighs, legs and back.

– Maintain car environment temperature; fan help draws in AC/heating for users’ optimal comfort.

– Universal fits for most automobile driver and passenger seats.

– Optional AC 110V-230V to DC 12V, 1A adapter for indoor use for maximum comfort and high productivity in summer.

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The 12V AeroSeat for automobile provides the perfect way to keep cool or warm in your car, with a front fan that draws in the AC or heating of the car for optimal comfort. Uses refined 12V premium car plug to stay put in use. Fitting possible at driver seat and co-driver seat. Suitable for cars seat with side airbags.

Product Specifications
Dimensions :
Size: 39” x 17”/ 100 x 43 cm

Power Cord Length: 63”/ 160 cm

Color :
Material :
Jacquard fabric, and oxford fabric
Working Power :
DC 12V, 1A
Current/ Watts :

Additional information

Weight 1716 g